Christmas Crafting

I can tell you that I’m planning on making an apron for my son for Christmas, because he won’t read this. 🙂 I picked out some fabric with friendly-looking whales on it. I thought about getting sharks, which I know he’d like, but he’d probably also declare it ‘too scary, mama’.
I don’t typically sell my crocheted items; I prefer to give them as gifts since the time I put into them is part of the gift. And honestly people won’t be willing to pay for the work I put into, say, a blanket. But this year I agreed to crochet hats for the kids of a close friend because I like her, I like her kids, and I felt like I had the time. I’m about midway through hat #2 (out of 3). None of them are overly complicated, so I’m not worried about finishing in time.
I’m also working on a custom scarf order. I have a friend who wanted to purchase scarves for a couple of coworkers but didn’t see anything in the shop that would exactly fit the bill, so we went fabric shopping. There are worse ways to spend a Monday night than fabric shopping with a friend. She ended up ordering 3 more scarves, so I’ll be busy between now and Christmas!
I also have to keep going to work and making dinner and all those other real life things, so I’ve been squeezing in a round here and a round there whenever I can.
I need to update my master list…I have finished one hat so far, so I can cross that off. I do like crossing things off lists.



My day job involves making decisions all day. Probably thousands of decisions a day, honestly. It can be very tiring. I think it’s that, combined with the joy of creating a tangible thing out of raw materials, that is appealing to me about crafting.


I spent a large part of my weekend crafting and baking and it was lovely. I don’t know that I’d call it relaxing, exactly, but it scratches that itch to produce something. And really, there aren’t that many decisions to be made. I have a recipe, I have a plan. The mental heavy lifting is done.


I made two scarves…


this blackwatch plaid and



this buffalo plaid.


I also made peanut butter pie with a brownie crust, lemon shortbread, lemon curd whipped cream, and raspberry whipped cream.



The recipe for the peanut butter pie is here…my only modification is that I make a brownie crust. I also cut the brownie into small squares before adding the peanut butter layer so I can scoop it out easily rather than trying to cut it.

I use the Tartine shortbread recipe…here it is. As for the whipped cream, well. If you haven’t combined lemon curd and whipped cream, you absolutely should. I make my whipped cream with 8 oz. heavy whipping cream, 2 T. of sugar, and 1 t. of vanilla. I also tried raspberry whipped cream for the first time. I didn’t make the entire batch in the food processor…rather I processed the freeze dried raspberries and then folded them into the whipped cream I had ready in the mixer.


Now that we all need a snack…

Latest Makes and a WIP

I recently finished a pullover sweater for my daughter. I let her choose the buttons. I finally had to get Zen about it while we were shopping for them. Hey, it’s your sweater. You want leopard print buttons? Go for it. 

Let’s see…what else have I made lately? This flannel infinity scarf with sock monkeys…

I’m nearly finished with the blanket I’ve been working on. 

Green at the bottom, lots of blue in the middle, and only a few more rows to go of yellow at the top. Then I’ll crochet some big flowers and attach them, along with some stems and leaves. 

Plaid Flannel!

The weather this November has been pretty mild, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying flannel! I have yet to work with the monkeys or the bananas…

…but hopefully soon! 

I love this red, cream, and green plaid. And it’s so soft!

This material is a bit thicker, making this scarf incredibly cozy. 
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The Jury Is Out

I can’t quite make up my mind about this scarf. Well, sort of. 


I know I love the color and the material. But I think it needs a couple of tweaks before it’s ready to be listed in the shop. For one, it’s a bit long for my tastes. I may have my tall friend try it on to see how it looks on her and then decide whether to shorten it up. 
For two, this is a lightweight sweater material. It’s lovely to wear and really not that difficult to work with, but I want to use a thread that is an exact match since you can see it if you stretch the seams. 

For three…well I guess there isn’t a three. 

I just want to curl up under this material and take a nap. That’s not weird, right?