Artisanal Burp Cloths

There’s a story there. Of course there is.
I made burp cloths as a baby shower gift for a coworker of my husband’s. I showed him the finished product and he declared it amazing.


Um, it’s a burp cloth.


“It’s an artisanal burp cloth! You could sell it to a hipster for $40!”


I needed to make a few more and, since I hadn’t bothered to write down how big I made the last set, I couldn’t remember. (I do this all the time. I figure I’ll remember details about a project and then I don’t. Which usually doesn’t matter…a lot of the things I make are one-offs because they’re for specific people. But sometimes it does.)


So! This is more of a reminder than a tutorial.



-towel in coordinating color

-sewing stuff


  1. Cut the flannel to 9″ x 15″.
  2. Cut the towel to be a bit larger. (It doesn’t need to be exact or even particularly straight.)
  3. Pin. (Yes, I know you hate pinning. Do it anyway.)


Cutting the towel bigger accomplishes two things. You don’t have to measure/cut exactly (I don’t have a rotary cutter and mat, so cutting precisely is a bit of a pain) and if the fabric slides around on you a bit (yes, it’s pinned, but it still happens), no worries.

4. Sew.

5. Realize the hand wheel is greasy because your kid was messing with it.

6. Swear you will make a cover for your sewing machine

7. Sew for real this time.

8. Trim the towel and clip the corners.




9. Turn right side out.

10. Top stitch all the way around.

11. Sew across (middle and the middle of each half)

12. Curse the towel fuzzies that are now covering everything.

13. Admire the artisanal burp cloths.




Also it’s more efficient to assembly line this if you’re making several at a time.




New Item and Custom Makes

After finishing all the custom orders I had on my list before Christmas, I took a bit of a break from crafting. Partly to do Christmas with my family and partly because I was a little over sitting in front of my sewing machine.


I’m back in the saddle.



This plaid flannel infinity scarf is a pretty classic red and black plaid.


I showed you this infinity scarf in an earlier post



I had a few other custom orders for the holidays. This ‘mommy & me’ set…




This one was tough to make (the fabric was soooo silky and I had to match up those stripes!) but I was proud of how it turned out (I matched up those stripes!)…



And this one is just lovely. The material was soft and turned out to be a beautiful scarf. I think it’s a bit heavy for accessory wear, but perfect for a winter scarf.



Yesterday a friend and I made 4 car seat ponchos, but that’s another post for another day!



WIP – Baby Blanket

I’m about 1/4 of the way finished on this baby blanket. My niece is due in a month, so no time to waste!
I’m doing a granny stripe and am going for an ombré effect. I’ve started with plum stripes and the next section is raspberry…the next section will be a lighter pink and the last section will be lighter still. I’ve flipped the last stripe of the plum section and the first stripe of the raspberry section so the sections will seem interlocked. Fingers crossed it turns out as nicely as it has in my head!
I’m still sitting on that pile of vintage fabric. Last night I did some pretty significant rearranging of my crafting area. I’m hoping to get back to sewing a few things soon!