Crafty Attention Issues

I’ve narrowed my crafty focus in the last several years, but sometimes I feel like there’s so many things I want to try and I want to just try them all now. What? I still need to go to work? And make dinner? Boo.


I’m currently crocheting a blanket and a pullover sweater (except I haven’t picked that up in several weeks…but it’s still sitting on my end table so I’m going to say it’s in process).


My list of sewing projects…oy. There are deadlines for a couple of things – burp cloths and flannel heat packs. And there are other things on my ‘want to try’ list. Like zippers. Can’t be that hard, right? And rolled hems. And making skirts. And I’d like to duplicate a garment. And really…I’d much rather shop for fabric than clothes, so if I can shop for fabric to *make* clothes, I think that would be swell.


Crossing Things Off the List

I love crossing things off a list.


My current projects (a pullover sweater-type thing for myself and a blanket for my daughter) are on hold until I get the projects on my list (mostly things people are buying; one thing I’m making as a gift) finished. This past weekend I crossed a TON of stuff off! I was thrilled to have so much crafting time on Saturday.

Christmas Crafting

I can tell you that I’m planning on making an apron for my son for Christmas, because he won’t read this. 🙂 I picked out some fabric with friendly-looking whales on it. I thought about getting sharks, which I know he’d like, but he’d probably also declare it ‘too scary, mama’.
I don’t typically sell my crocheted items; I prefer to give them as gifts since the time I put into them is part of the gift. And honestly people won’t be willing to pay for the work I put into, say, a blanket. But this year I agreed to crochet hats for the kids of a close friend because I like her, I like her kids, and I felt like I had the time. I’m about midway through hat #2 (out of 3). None of them are overly complicated, so I’m not worried about finishing in time.
I’m also working on a custom scarf order. I have a friend who wanted to purchase scarves for a couple of coworkers but didn’t see anything in the shop that would exactly fit the bill, so we went fabric shopping. There are worse ways to spend a Monday night than fabric shopping with a friend. She ended up ordering 3 more scarves, so I’ll be busy between now and Christmas!
I also have to keep going to work and making dinner and all those other real life things, so I’ve been squeezing in a round here and a round there whenever I can.
I need to update my master list…I have finished one hat so far, so I can cross that off. I do like crossing things off lists.

Latest Makes and a WIP

I recently finished a pullover sweater for my daughter. I let her choose the buttons. I finally had to get Zen about it while we were shopping for them. Hey, it’s your sweater. You want leopard print buttons? Go for it. 

Let’s see…what else have I made lately? This flannel infinity scarf with sock monkeys…

I’m nearly finished with the blanket I’ve been working on. 

Green at the bottom, lots of blue in the middle, and only a few more rows to go of yellow at the top. Then I’ll crochet some big flowers and attach them, along with some stems and leaves. 

WIP -Blanket for S

Now that I’ve started making blankets I’m not sure I’ll stop. My husband pointed out that we have a nice sized one for hanging out on the couch and after this one I’ll have made one for each of the kids, so I don’t really need to make any more. Except I do, and we’ll likely end up with at least a few for our home. 
I wanted to use a ripple stitch (tutorial here) and I wanted to plan out the pattern a bit differently. 

Pretty early on I scrapped the idea of counting rows. That was based on the row height of the granny stripe blanket and this is a bit different. My plan is to do the bottom portion in green, a middle section in blue, and a bit at the top in yellow. Then I’ll add on some stems and leaves and some largeish flowers. 

I’m *finally* finished with all the green! Time to switch to blue. 
This blanket it working up fairly quickly. I always start with a foundation row instead of chaining and then stitching into the chain, but otherwise am following the tutorial for the ripple stitch. It’s simple enough I can do this while watching tv or having a conversation so I’ve been able to work on it quite a bit. 


I want to share a few of my favorite spots on the internets. You know, besides Pinterest. (And just so you’re aware, that’s a link to my personal Pinterest-land…crafty stuff, recipes, work stuff, etc. It’s not a beautifully curated business account.)


Attic 24 is, hands down, one of my favorite blogs. Lucy is incredibly creative and her work is truly inspiring. She seems like a lovely person, too.


The Moogly Blog is another of my favorites. Her work is beautiful and there are tons of patterns and tutorials to be had.


I’ve also been reading and getting inspiration from The Crafty Mummy…we seem to be similar in that there’s a fair bit of crocheting with other crafty endeavors thrown in from time to time.


The Sailor Crochet News is lovely too…crocheting, knitting, sewing, embroidery. I aspire to sew some fun and cute things and it looks like she’s done loads of neat projects.


Lulu Learns is another sewing blog I adore. So many wonderful things she’s made!


Mrs. Craft from Craft and Other Crazy Plans seems lovely too and she just got back from Yarndale so we’ll just say I’m a *bit* jealous and leave it at that. (I wonder if I can convince my husband that when we finally have the time and money for a trip to England we’ll need to include a day at Yarndale. A girl can dream.)


And Saturday Night Stitch! My GOODNESS her work is gorgeous! I am in awe of her talent and I hope I’ll some day be making my own clothing.


There are plenty of other spots I find through Pinterest, but these are the craft-related blogs I read regularly. I hope you find something new that inspires you!

Fun (and Crafty) Weekend

Helllllo, Monday. It’s always a little jarring to get back to work after a really great weekend. Not that I would want to have a bad weekend just to ease re-entry, mind you. 
We hosted friends for a game night on Saturday (tabletop games are a particular hobby of ours) and on Sunday met with our Sunday Night Dinner group. In between times I got a fair bit of crafting done. 
The yarn for my next blanket hasn’t arrived yet, so I needed something small to work on between big projects. I don’t know why this struck me, but I pinned it on Pinterest a while back and decided now was a great time to give it a shot. 

happy uterus

sad uterus
I also started working on curtains for my parents’ kitchen and I finished a scarf for the shop

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