Crafty Attention Issues

I’ve narrowed my crafty focus in the last several years, but sometimes I feel like there’s so many things I want to try and I want to just try them all now. What? I still need to go to work? And make dinner? Boo.


I’m currently crocheting a blanket and a pullover sweater (except I haven’t picked that up in several weeks…but it’s still sitting on my end table so I’m going to say it’s in process).


My list of sewing projects…oy. There are deadlines for a couple of things – burp cloths and flannel heat packs. And there are other things on my ‘want to try’ list. Like zippers. Can’t be that hard, right? And rolled hems. And making skirts. And I’d like to duplicate a garment. And really…I’d much rather shop for fabric than clothes, so if I can shop for fabric to *make* clothes, I think that would be swell.


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