Shark Week Heat Packs

I am cracking myself up over here.


I recently made some flax seed-filled heat packs (you can check that out here). After talking to a friend who had been laid low by some killer cramps, I decided a ‘shark week’ themed pack was in order.


I giggled the whole time.


I made these the same size as my last batch (I cut my fabric 9″ x 12″ so the finished product would be roughly 8.5″ x 5.5″, once you figure the seams in) but instead of a single oil per pack, I used a combination of clary sage, lavender, and frankincense. Clary sage is great for balancing hormones, lavender is good for practically everything, and frankincense promotes peace and wellness.


5 – 7 drops of oil per 1.5 C of flax seed is a pretty good ratio. For these I used 4 drops of clary sage, 2 drops of lavender, and 1 drop of frankincense.


Hopefully these will help a few friends have a less crappy week!


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