My day job involves making decisions all day. Probably thousands of decisions a day, honestly. It can be very tiring. I think it’s that, combined with the joy of creating a tangible thing out of raw materials, that is appealing to me about crafting.


I spent a large part of my weekend crafting and baking and it was lovely. I don’t know that I’d call it relaxing, exactly, but it scratches that itch to produce something. And really, there aren’t that many decisions to be made. I have a recipe, I have a plan. The mental heavy lifting is done.


I made two scarves…


this blackwatch plaid and



this buffalo plaid.


I also made peanut butter pie with a brownie crust, lemon shortbread, lemon curd whipped cream, and raspberry whipped cream.



The recipe for the peanut butter pie is here…my only modification is that I make a brownie crust. I also cut the brownie into small squares before adding the peanut butter layer so I can scoop it out easily rather than trying to cut it.

I use the Tartine shortbread recipe…here it is. As for the whipped cream, well. If you haven’t combined lemon curd and whipped cream, you absolutely should. I make my whipped cream with 8 oz. heavy whipping cream, 2 T. of sugar, and 1 t. of vanilla. I also tried raspberry whipped cream for the first time. I didn’t make the entire batch in the food processor…rather I processed the freeze dried raspberries and then folded them into the whipped cream I had ready in the mixer.


Now that we all need a snack…


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