WIP -Blanket for S

Now that I’ve started making blankets I’m not sure I’ll stop. My husband pointed out that we have a nice sized one for hanging out on the couch and after this one I’ll have made one for each of the kids, so I don’t really need to make any more. Except I do, and we’ll likely end up with at least a few for our home. 
I wanted to use a ripple stitch (tutorial here) and I wanted to plan out the pattern a bit differently. 

Pretty early on I scrapped the idea of counting rows. That was based on the row height of the granny stripe blanket and this is a bit different. My plan is to do the bottom portion in green, a middle section in blue, and a bit at the top in yellow. Then I’ll add on some stems and leaves and some largeish flowers. 

I’m *finally* finished with all the green! Time to switch to blue. 
This blanket it working up fairly quickly. I always start with a foundation row instead of chaining and then stitching into the chain, but otherwise am following the tutorial for the ripple stitch. It’s simple enough I can do this while watching tv or having a conversation so I’ve been able to work on it quite a bit. 


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