Scarf, Remade

Last week I posted about a scarf I’d made…since then I bought coordinating thread and made a second one for a giveaway I did with Kara, a LuLaRoe consultant friend.
I’m in love.
I shortened it up to my usual length and it turned out lovely, if I do say so myself.


The Jury Is Out

I can’t quite make up my mind about this scarf. Well, sort of. 


I know I love the color and the material. But I think it needs a couple of tweaks before it’s ready to be listed in the shop. For one, it’s a bit long for my tastes. I may have my tall friend try it on to see how it looks on her and then decide whether to shorten it up. 
For two, this is a lightweight sweater material. It’s lovely to wear and really not that difficult to work with, but I want to use a thread that is an exact match since you can see it if you stretch the seams. 

For three…well I guess there isn’t a three. 

I just want to curl up under this material and take a nap. That’s not weird, right?

Vintage Material Scarf

My husband’s aunt gave me this fabric…incredible, no? This is only half…it was joined to another piece that was the mirror image. I’m assuming it was a tablecloth, but there aren’t any stains or tears so who knows. 

I trimmed one end (it was quite a bit longer than I typically use for scarves) and turned it into an infinity scarf…

…which is available here

WIP -Blanket for S

Now that I’ve started making blankets I’m not sure I’ll stop. My husband pointed out that we have a nice sized one for hanging out on the couch and after this one I’ll have made one for each of the kids, so I don’t really need to make any more. Except I do, and we’ll likely end up with at least a few for our home. 
I wanted to use a ripple stitch (tutorial here) and I wanted to plan out the pattern a bit differently. 

Pretty early on I scrapped the idea of counting rows. That was based on the row height of the granny stripe blanket and this is a bit different. My plan is to do the bottom portion in green, a middle section in blue, and a bit at the top in yellow. Then I’ll add on some stems and leaves and some largeish flowers. 

I’m *finally* finished with all the green! Time to switch to blue. 
This blanket it working up fairly quickly. I always start with a foundation row instead of chaining and then stitching into the chain, but otherwise am following the tutorial for the ripple stitch. It’s simple enough I can do this while watching tv or having a conversation so I’ve been able to work on it quite a bit.