I want to share a few of my favorite spots on the internets. You know, besides Pinterest. (And just so you’re aware, that’s a link to my personal Pinterest-land…crafty stuff, recipes, work stuff, etc. It’s not a beautifully curated business account.)


Attic 24 is, hands down, one of my favorite blogs. Lucy is incredibly creative and her work is truly inspiring. She seems like a lovely person, too.


The Moogly Blog is another of my favorites. Her work is beautiful and there are tons of patterns and tutorials to be had.


I’ve also been reading and getting inspiration from The Crafty Mummy…we seem to be similar in that there’s a fair bit of crocheting with other crafty endeavors thrown in from time to time.


The Sailor Crochet News is lovely too…crocheting, knitting, sewing, embroidery. I aspire to sew some fun and cute things and it looks like she’s done loads of neat projects.


Lulu Learns is another sewing blog I adore. So many wonderful things she’s made!


Mrs. Craft from Craft and Other Crazy Plans seems lovely too and she just got back from Yarndale so we’ll just say I’m a *bit* jealous and leave it at that. (I wonder if I can convince my husband that when we finally have the time and money for a trip to England we’ll need to include a day at Yarndale. A girl can dream.)


And Saturday Night Stitch! My GOODNESS her work is gorgeous! I am in awe of her talent and I hope I’ll some day be making my own clothing.


There are plenty of other spots I find through Pinterest, but these are the craft-related blogs I read regularly. I hope you find something new that inspires you!


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