Ladder Stitch – Quick How To

Way back when, I used to top stitch to close up projects. Not the prettiest way to do things, but it gets the job done.  And sometimes it doesn’t *really* matter, like this cold pack I made to keep in the freezer for when one of the kids falls. 

You can see it along the bottom there. Not especially lovely, but it’s just for us so I wasn’t too worried. 
Fast forward a bit, and I begin making scarves. My first attempts were closed this way but I decided I needed a neater looking method. I consulted The Google and found the ladder stitch. I feel like it’s one of those things that everyone but me knew how to do. 

Here I need to close up a cold pack I’m making for a friend. (I cut my fabric 5 1.2″ square, put wrong sides together, and stitched almost all the way around…I left about an inch and a half open to turn it right side out and fill it. I use flax seeds and fill about halfway. Previous iterations have been about 4″ square. This is a great way to use scraps.)

I start by inserting my needle and bringing up the thread as close to the seam as I can. 

Then I insert it into the other side and bring it out about 1/16″ away. 

When you go across the opening it should be directly across. 

Done! Invisible. 


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