Today’s Agenda

I threw some material in the wash last night (I *may* have bought a *few* things) thinking I’d get a couple of scarves made today. Unfortunately I didn’t remember that I have an all-day meeting at work. Le sigh. First world problems, right?
Here’s what I found yesterday…

Not pictured above is the material I’m starting with…

It may be difficult to tell from the picture, but those giraffes are a dark chocolate brown. 
I’ll need to piece it together a bit, but I’m also going to be working with the vintage yellow roses fabric I got over the summer. 
Here’s hoping for an easy kid bedtime so I can get crafting!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Agenda

  1. I just purchased some of that delightful giraffe fabric as well! I plan to make it into a Plaintain Tee with chocolate brown elbow patches. I am hoping it does not come out too childish, but just whimsical enough to be fun with skinny jeans and flats.


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