A Long Time Coming

Whew! Finished!

I did take a few breaks here and there, particularly around the holidays when I was busy making other gifts, but otherwise I worked on this blanket pretty diligently. I wasn’t able to do a ton at a time since I was stealing minutes here and there…the end of my lunch break, waiting at the doctor’s office, that sort of thing.

I have to say, this makes me ridiculously happy.
I certainly can’t take credit for the choice of colors. Lucy, over at Attic 24, is an absolute color genius. She is gifted with an eye for combining color and it shows in all her beautiful work. I followed the pattern for her granny stripe blanket, though I chose to put my colors in a basically chromatic order rather than randomly.

I used the Sunny Stripe yarn pack she designed, which you can order through Wool Warehouse if you like. I don’t get any sort of commission if you order…just letting you know where I got my yarn! I was really pleased with how inexpensive shipping to the States was and how quickly it arrived. In fact, I have more yarn on the way from them…I’ll have a new niece in August so it’s time to get crocheting!


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